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up, rain is in the forecast. that is worrying residence in the district's bloomingdale
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neighborhood. >> you will need to be patient during your morning commute. terrible is known as traffic tuesday if. >> the democratic national off today incks charlotte. what to expect in the days .head washington "at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. rise and shine, washington. it's tuesday, september 4. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. the big problem is what's happening outside. chance of more rain on the way. residents stocking up sandbags. >> team coverage begins with in northwest with latest. >> not only has this been an enormous financial burden for residents in northwest d.c., but very painful.
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people were trapped in their cars during the latest flood. say they cannot take much more. this cell phone video captured by and inundated residents chose rhode island avenue swallowed up after rainfall. it has become a tired event for hood.hbor prone now feel we could always get flooded. >> residents are worried about and there is an infrastructure that was set up towards the beginning of d.c. that cannot keep up. with the up >> some are asking what's going on. convinced it's a problem with an aging drainage system. nature >> the ward 5 council member city to create a relief fund for the residents. in about half are we will tell
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plans to do city whether president and it will work. on the forecast caskey.m >> good morning we have a few light sprinkles in the potomac highlands. e potomac river, west of hagerstown, northwest of martinsburg. have a few downpours later on. are few sprinkles near baltimore, by the way. a few sprinkles today into tomorrow. 77 now when the district, 72 in dulles airport and gaithersburg. it's gone to be and humid day. you will notice that in the air. a few sunny breaks. for the high temperature with scattered showers and the afternooninto and evening. nothing severe. be some flash flooding today and tomorrow. steve hershorn is checking the roads. >> pretty good ride so far on
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395 from springfield to the 14th street bridge. in the main lanes sandy hov lanes. no problems on this first day after this summer vacation. no accidents or incidents on the reported to slow you down. a good start. keeping our fingers crossed. heading over to the beltway near lookingty boulevard, good through college park, crown silver spring, light volume. some wet roads all around the area. out for that, especially ramps. we still have a problem in northwest washington. closing be to drive both ways near joyce road. a tree came down on the road. hopefully not much longer for that is cleared. connecticutt to use whatever works best rather than beach drive
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trying to get to rock creek parkway. back to you. >> consider heading out the door morning.his you will see some gridlock on the roads. is in bethesda to explain what's behind the terrible traffic tuesday. >> it could be a rude awakening of commuters this morning. people are no longer on vacation. getting back to the class room and people are getting back to work. 2.8 million of your closest friends could be hitting highway. heading out on the highway could crowded today as everyone gets back to school and back to work. people will be going in the morning. >> driving is expected to be so aaa is calling this terrible traffic. g to the transportation agency, congestion on the road up 26% from will be used toers have been over the past couple months. and means time battling the
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will jump from 20 minutes 26ing the summer to minutes. mike conneen has been pretty will get a little worse. there will be a thousands buses getting on their routes this morning. more stopping in the neighborhoods. how do you come back this dilemma? early. >> leave a few minutes early. " aaa says to add about 30 extra minutes into your commute this morning because you don't know much back up you will run into. there are other problems. prices. and the nationals are playing at home tonight. even biggern into headed nearou are downtown this evening. >> watch out for the youngsters. arlington county public school students back in class today. more will be walking to school this year. to ease schoolbus overcrowding, system will enforce a walking policy. students live less than a mile
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elementary school or less than a mile and a half from school cannot take a bus unless they have a voucher. walk and wehave to don't this is it is safe. that it will number of drivers. the parents have signed an petition to protest the policy, but the school system says it does not plan to back down. the democrats will gather in today to begin the nominating president obama for a second term in the white house. the delegates will vote today on the party's platform. first lady michelle obama will stage tonight and will voters tovince reelect for husband. his most ardent supporters admit it will be a challenge. >> i hope that he will be energized the country and get that we domessage need him. >> i think that's why he's tired, because people are
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of the discord. >> president obama says his will be forward looking. abroad and charlotte later this week. coverage of the democratic national convention. scott thuman and gordon peterson reports from charlotte during ourng >> among the speakers today will be tim kaine. join us in our next hour to talk about his campaign, including his plan to bring jobs to the commonwealth. 5:08. thought o'clock 0 >> we have details
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obama says the federal government will be there residents coast from hurricane isaac. gretzky met with victims during an -- he met with affected residents in louisiana. some low-lying areas are still by several feet of water. >> we could be looking at some water in our forecast. check in with adam caskey.
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i think we will see more rain today, later on in afternoon and evening. if you better downpours possible today and tomorrow. of moisture in place. it when you step outside. all we need is something in our atmosphere to bring out the water. circulatingrgy overhead. a sprinklehere's hagerstown and around baltimore. 77 in washington. 72 in manassas and at dulles airport. 72 in martinsburg. 88 with sunny breaks today. sticky outside with a showers andd later pretty much the same story tomorrow. localized flash floods possible over the next couple days. n the seven-day forecast coming up. >> no major accidents or interstates.the first day back after the summer. 270 southbound at 109 looks pretty good. 109 tle volume just past
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county.tgomery the beltway at new hampshire betweenooks good park and silver spring. and springfield, moving nicely. look good from dale city across the occoquan river. street4th a bridge. lanes are open. 72 degrees right now. >> the days of a voice mail could be coming to an end. >> the days of a voice mail could be coming to an end. expill
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. a vigil will be held tonight a the third anniversary of manassasving crash in that kill the toddler and his grandmother. afford explore rear end of the saturn on prince william parkway. capacitors in the saturn were in the passengers saturn were killed. driver of the explorer pled manslaughter and was sentenced to three years in prison. father of a high-school school inot dead at a baltimore county says that his is close to the road to recovery. thatl borowy's father said from hiss recovering d surgery, which did go
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well. y injured lastll after another student named gladden opened fire at the school. as an adult with attempted first-degree murder. a man at the center of the campaign scandal surrounding gray isor vincent scheduled to appear in court today for a status hearing. campaign treasurer thomas gore. he could find out when he will be sentenced. he pleaded guilty to funding cash to sulaiman brown and payments.cover up the two other campaign aides and guilty in connection with the scandal. we want to get a check on the forecast a. morning, and. >> a very pleasant tuesday morning. work and back to school will feel the humidity out there. we have a few sprinkles off to the northwest of the metro area, west of hagerstown. \ areas of light rain. and around baltimore. but that's all for now. have a sunny breaks.
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will climb into the mid '80s later on today. some of the rainfall midnight. emmet's burke, 1.2. frederick, 0.89. hamilton, virginia, about 1/2 inch. a quarter of an inch in leesburg. the '70s pretty everywhere across our region. to mid 70's. in the air keeps temperatures much overnight. a good amount of cloud cover overhead. you see the rain showers that moved through overnight around midnight with a few embedded downpours. we will see a few more embedded downpours later on today. not all they washout. we will see a little sunshine if. when it does rain in has the becoming very heavy. look at some predicted totals for one of our latest computer models. this is between now and midnight. our computer indicates up to an r more in parts of
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, culpeper, and ies.uier count less than 1/4 inch close to d.c. on where the heavy rain showers occur. we will update around 6:00. 88 degrees today for the high temperature. 90 tomorrow, will 90's by thursday. chance of rain with the exception of friday. here's how the commute looks. >> a report on 395. this seminary road near king street there was an accident blocking the lanes. unusual delay. .outhbound 395 the beltway ports colesville looks pretty good -- tow ards colesville road.
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light volume in springfield. beach drive is still closed both ways in northwest between blagdon avenue and joyce road. >> 20 minutes past 5:00 on this tuesday morning. and power cords for smartphones may be on the way out. s more.nelson ha >> voicemail maybe going the way of answering machine. younker people would rather send text messages they cannot connect. introduce its latest w thathone tomorro will use wireless charging. would place it on a pad to recharge as shown in. amongograph posted on in products may be in a new earbud, the firm's new
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design in six years. apple has a news conference next week. business is are taking advantage of a global service to market themselves. it gives customers an idea of what to expect. can hire a photographer to take inside pictures.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >> welcome back.
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we're learning that lufthansa canceled a 190 flights in out of frankfurt, germany's airport, after cabin another strike. \ is underway at berlin's's airport and an 11- walkout scheduled to begin 's airport. in disputes over pay and working conditions. flights in our area being reflected. 3:00 p.m. lufthansa flights airport and at 11:00 p.m. flight from dulles airport. those have been cancelled. we will keep you posted. one?d he get this >> it's another home run. congratulations to adam whoche in the nationals, defeated the cubs. more than just another win.
5:26 am
this is the nationals' 82nd pleaded theye year guaranteed of their first season in the nation's capital since 1969. congratulations to the nationals. >> they have the best record in baseball, they cannot have the best fan support. than 24,000 yesterday. >> the nfl's 93rd season is set begin. the giants and cowboys wednesday night. in orleans on sunday. they are the underdogs, the redskins. it's a young team. is r.g. iii, but still lot new guys, which leaves a lot of questions. rookie alfred morris is happy to chance to play on sunday. excited about the first real game. the preseason is in the past. looking forward to the first game. >> let's go to college football,
5:27 am
blacksburg, virginia. against. tech's -- against georgia tech. they went into overtime. tech with this field goal and its good. virginia tech wins the opener h in the aia tec there's a look in your sport. have a great day. >> tiger woods became the first $100 million man on the pga tour. he did not with yesterday. he finished third in boston. but it was good for more than half a million dollars. that pushed his career total to million. $100 next on the list is still $66olson with more than million in total earnings. on the golf course not endorsements. >> incredible. >> the news continues at 5:30. >> the push for more star power democratic national convention. to getre is a petition convention. to getre is a petition girl betty
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one pharmacist startta it all: charles walgreen h had a missn to help people be happy and healthy. from inventing the first chocolate to creating a nonprofit pharmacy for our troops... to the first child safety caps.
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walgreens has been innovating for over a hundred years. and we're just getting started. with more and more ways to be well every day. here a at the corner of happy and healthy. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. 5:30, itht ahead at appears there's more rain in the forecast for northeast d.c. some legal residents are worried flooding for the fifth time this summer. good morning. it's tuesday, september 4. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. glad you are waking up with us. residents spent the holiday sun.'sg up the mess from storm. work may be inr they could get more rain. storm watch coverage continues with john gonzalez in northwest. >> can you imagine if every time there was heavy rain your
5:32 am
flooded?ood that is what happens in this northwest d.c. neighborhood. several flash floods since july self. phone video captured by resident latest.e rhode island avenue swallowed up after a heavy rainfall sunday night. what should be a shocking scene e a tired even for this flood prone bloomingdale neighborhood. some wonder what is going on. others are convinced it is a with an aging drainage system. the city plans to install some back flow valve in this area where two streams used to run through. takeroblem is that will of dollars. we understand it will take 13 s before it's up and running. some residents argued that will even help. with more rain in the forecast many of these residents bracing for the worst. reporting live in northwest
5:33 am
washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> we want to get a check on the meteorologist adam caskey. finding out how severe this weather could be. it does not sound like it be all that severe and the downpours will not be widespread. does rain later on today have therow we for embedded downpours h floodslized flas be ruled out. west of paper down right now sprinkle.little oft's all we have in terms rainfall this morning. but if i degrees in washington manassas and in culpeper and gaithersburg. humid today. some sunny breaks and developing scattered showers and thunderstorms later on today. 88 for the high temperature and the same story tomorrow. now to steve. street, you can the volume building northbound and the accident in lanes southbound near
5:34 am
seminary road. it's blocking one of the right toe southbound right next lanes. there is acounty, bethesda onaching loop.ter volume building from dale city. beach drive is still closed both near joyce road because of down on the road. back to you. >> thank you. 5:34. drivers have to get ready for more company on the road today. terrible traffic tuesday, the labor day. brianne carter explains why your commute will be longer. we have heard there will be problems on the road this morning. complicated by the fact that to 0.8 million highways will hit the
5:35 am
this morning, people headed back to work and back-to-school. prepared for the stop and go. driving is expected to be so aaa call today terrible traffic tuesday. congestion on the roads will be about 26% today from what used to overbeen the summer. because people have been vacation and school has out for the summer. all that comes to a halt this with drivers headed back on a highway. and thousands of buses will be for thethe road a number of northern virginia district including dayfor the first today. it's expected to be just as astested this afternoon people are headed home. and the washington nationals of game at 7:00ome tonight. anybody traveling near downtown have even bigger backups. reporting live, brianne carter,
5:36 am
abc 7 news. democrats are gathering in morning foris kickoff to the party's national convention. expected to bes speech by. now or preview. day of the democratic national convention spotlight first lady michelle obama. biased, because t isink our presiden awesome. campaign has long referred to mrs. obama as the closer. she must convince america her husband is taking the country the right direction. it is a similar opening night to weekend oppose the republican convention when ann romney pinterest and as a likable guy. >> mitt romney was not handed success. he builds it. >> when the gavel strikes on the convention stage, the president will be in the midst
5:37 am
of his role to charlotte tour and, in his efforts to bring back the economy. i have stood with american workers, with american manufacturers. i believe in you. other speakers will be chicago mayor rahm emanuel and speaker is antonio castro.lian >> it is having command of the rena. >> the 37-year-old is an up-and- coming within the democratic party. >> the next senator from the of illinois, barack obama. back in 2004 he was known as state senator obama. vice-president joe biden will be today to deliver his speech on thursday. that is before president obama accept the democratic nomination. abc news, charlotte. >> the republicans have had
5:38 am
convention and they had eastwood. some democrats want betty white. that clint eastwood name to entertainers talking to an empty chair . but she has a television appearance, betty white, and likely will not be able to appear. we will have reports from charlotte all week during our atscasts and online 5:38 on this tuesday morning. >> still ahead, an ongoing debate over a security crackdown in georgetown. over a security crackdown in georg[ malennouncer ] with ultra-filtered water
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i am franklin kelly. the national gallery of art has greatest collection of life degas,res by edgar littleng his famous, age 14. come down and see her, washington. back on this tuesday morning. back to work and back to school. today,ing to be humid very unsettled for the rest of this week with the leftovers of isaac. that will translate into some areas of rain.
5:42 am
later this afternoon into the evening, a few heavy downpours possible, especially near the mason-dixon line, which is where have a shower at this time west of hagerstown. on the radarnkle screen. warm.atures are and you still feel the tropical place with the humidity. washington. 70 in winchester, 73 in fredericksburg. today for the high temperature. a few sunny breaks. then some showers. >> we have a problem on the blue line and or . entrance escalators at the foggy bottom station out of service. the station is still reported open. really a problem on the blue orange liine. there's an accident after 270 right lane on the
5:43 am
beltwayoop of b toward bethesda. 395 is getting heavy around duke street in the main lanes and hov lanes. roadbound 395 at seminary blocking one lane. >> it is 73 degrees. >> a singer and songwriter taking the internet to voice her with tolls on the greenway. ♪ ♪ it's highway robbery what she has to
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>> it's tuesday morning. here's what's coming up a 6:00 this morning. that some would-be car thieves actually stop them. details on the big traffic
5:47 am
parking changes coming to busiest sections of bethesda. and george allen will be in studio to talk about the open senate seat in .attleground virginia today it's his turn to hisus. >> a special election being held today in the 45th district to replace stephen a. england in northern virginia. prexy resigned after an extramarital affair became public. those vying for his seat include -- polls are open from 6:00 this morning and they will stay open until 7:00 tonight. >> a commuter upset over the high cost of using local toll turned her frustration into song. ♪ highway robbery >> that is angela petry.
5:48 am
she wrote the song when she got bank of watching her e from the cost of using the dulles greenway in loudoun county. nearly $5 currently to use the 14 mile road during peak hours. >> it's really unfair that road that cuts theugh the center countryside and that local trouble andso much using it. >> governor mcdonnell issued a saying vdot has no legal ability to set or control greenwaythe dulles and, which is privately owned. but he says the polls are regulated by the state commission. there's a traffic alert regarding the orange line. are single-tracking armory andadium are m cheverly. on the blue line, expect allays franconia's springfield due to disabled train at benning road and at foggy bottom the entrance escalators are out of service.
5:49 am
there is bus service available. >> a busy morning. one local citizens group hoping to lower crime in georgetown by installing surveillance cameras. citizens association of installed recently to addera and they want 10 more by the end of the year. they will be funded through private donations. the cameras placed on private property directed toward well traveled corridors. residents approve of the .ove and others are against it >> i would assume the bad guys cameras ande probably look for another .ocation >> i don't feel like walking around knowing that somebody is watching me. >> despite concerns about privacy, the citizens association said the videos can be accessed only after a crime committed and after a police report has been filed. >> a controversial book from a seal its bookshelves today. already number one on list.'s best seller day is the name of
5:50 am
former navy seal bin laden, kill been but he could be in trouble. >> he went by the pen name of mark owen. face and his voice changed identity.s discover has been blown. matt bissonnette said his book originally set for september release and is not seen that election.g the >> my concern from the a political it is season. is not political whatsoever. it does not bad mouth either party. we specifically chose september out of theit politics. >> his account offers new details of last year's raid. he says as the team went up the n laden's compound the al qaeda leader out and two shots were fired for. time they got inside he noton the floor and as was first
5:51 am
reported. he and another navy seal and into bin laden's just make sure he was dead. military bowl is a top lawyer week that herast violated secrecy agreements and broke the law with the book. the military was considering pursuing all available legal action against publisher. his lawyer says he did not violate military secrecy agreements or break the law and says matt bissonnette is confident he did not disclose classified information. >> 5:51. apple is redesigning one of its products. revamping its menu. >> companies contribute big fund the dnc linda bell. to help fund the dnc. here is linda bell. >> companies have contributed the nationalor democrats.for the includes bank of america
5:52 am
at&t, u.s. airways others. democrats have been imposing tricter rules on who contributes. $50,000 in gift cards intended be used for office supplies was returned to walmart after it was accused of bribery in mexico. is rolling out the for the burger king will roll out by its popcorn chicken in three sizes. and there's a new raspberry smoothie. chicken sales are booming at king and it sold 18 drinks since the spring time. planning toortedly headphonesme new comfortable. comfortable we will see if withwill be unveiled along iphone.cted new linda bell reporting for abc 7
5:53 am
news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:52 on this tuesday. >> we are gearing up for rain. it will not be all day. have sunny breaks. but when it does rain, if it has of becoming heavy briefly. >> so be prepared. >> definitely. localized flooding cannot be d out today and tomorrow. a very unsettled weather pattern. tropical moisture and place. feel the high humidity again today. very uncomfortable. don't see a big break from the humidity until maybe the middle t week on tuesday, wednesday, or thursday of next week. our first taste of -- weather.ether a few little sprinkles west of hagerstown along and north of l we have to speak of. at some of the rainfall from last night. an inch and a quarter almost and
5:54 am
emmett's bird. frederick, almost a half hamilton. that was since midnight. degrees in the district, 78 annapolis, 72 in gaithersburg airport.lles 89 in stafford and culpeper this afternoon. 80s in the district with sunny breaks. that should warm us into the 80s with high humidity. and casa roble today with scattered showers and thunderstorms later on. expect severe storms. just localized rainfall with a isolated flash floods today into tomorrow. you see the low pressure system valley. hybla that is what was once hurricane isaac. we are still dealing with its leftovers, the circulation in our atmosphere. impossibleinches of s as we god location intogh this afternoon tonight.
5:55 am
for our high temperature. warmer by thursday, 92. we will have a brief break from the rain on friday. any problems, steve? >> on metro rail there are problems on the orange line, stadium-acking between armory and cheverly. the orange and blue lines, foggy bottom station, the escalators are out. they have set up a shuttle bus. the station remains open, but workinglators are not at foggy bottom. the blue line, delays in the franconia's springfield because of a disabled train at the benning road station. things are looking pretty good. volume building, but everything y on 395.ll the wa the problem of seminary road was cleared away. back to you. >> thank you. degrees. >> a new study on the benefits
5:56 am
foods.nic some researchers say it's no
5:57 am
5:58 am
with then your side perhapsence that is not that much better for you than conventionally grown food >> . researchers at stanford found organic fruits and vegetables can lower your pesticides, but they of pesticides in
5:59 am
conventional produce is very small and within safety limits. researchers found no significant in the vitamin levels >> . speaking of foods, a texas man can fry just about anything. gonzales was the winner of the ex award for his pride jambalaya. it is served with a spicy ranch sauce. it is the fifth time he has won award. about 20 pounds perfecting this. i say why notnt shot?t a it's all about moderation. >> looks delicious. the burger king opera has on this burger at casino.a the world's record bacon cheeseburger. weighingn diameter and more than a ton. the record was verified on sunday. burger.est

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